Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Musings From the DCExaminer

Byron York - How Obamacare hits industry and threatens jobs
The people at Zoll Medical Corporation saw a ray of hope in January when Scott Brown was elected senator from Massachusetts. Located in Chelmsford, 30 miles outside Boston, Zoll is the nation's leading manufacturer of heart defibrillators, which save thousands of heart attack victims each year.

Back in January, as the Senate race was raging, both House and Senate Democrats wanted to impose a crippling new tax on the makers of medical devices, Zoll included, to help pay for Obamacare. The total tax on the industry would be about $2 billion a year, or $20 billion over the next decade.

Susan Ferrechio - Ten inconvenient questions about Obamacare
President Obama is promising a massive campaign to sell the health care plan just approved by Congress -- starting with his signature on the Senate version of the legislation on Tuesday. The sales pitch begins even as the Senate considers a raft of modifications to the plan already approved by the House.

But as the president makes his pitch, critics will be looking to knock down many of the central claims he and other Democratic leaders have made. Here are 10 inconvenient truths that could dog the president:

Mark Hemingway - ACORN shutting down April 1st
On the verge of bankruptcy, with 15 of its 30 state offices closed, ACORN is officially shutting down:
but read this after you finish here.
OMB Issues ACORN-related Memo
OMB spokesman Ken Baer tells Fox that agency Director Peter Orszag sent a memo on March 16, see below, instructing agencies of a ruling from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York barring enforcement of a congressional ban on ACORN funding as called for in the 2010 Continuing Resolution.
The Orszag memo informs agencies of the District Court's declaratory judgment and permanent injunction on the ban on funding for ACORN and that OMB must rescind its earlier order/memo blocking ACORN funding.

Sara Carter - Pakistani commander warns against negotiations with Taliban
PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN — American military and political leaders have said they are willing to join the Afghan government of President Hamid Karzai in negotiations with the Taliban. That makes some top military commanders in Pakistan, locked in their own bitter conflict with the Taliban, very anxious.

Julie Mason - After a costly win, Obama pushes for Dem unity
The tone from the White House was quietly triumphal following Democrats' upset win on health care, but the prospects for riding that success to greater future political gains is far from certain.

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