Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lobster In the House

Dem Senators Munch on Lobster in Coatroom During Reconciliation Process
BY Mary Katharine Ham
The messaging mavens are working overtime once again on behalf of Democrats, who decided the best way to commemorate their passing of a bill 62 percent of the American public objects to was to order in lobster in honor of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.
Mid-way through a full evening of voting on amendments to the Senate's healthcare reconciliation bill, Democratic senators are fueling up by munching on lobster rolls in the Democratic cloakroom — a delivery from Legal Seafood in honor of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.
To be fair, the Republicans are being quite ornery by interfering with the Democrats' attempt to pass their do-over bill and making them work really late, so they probably deserve a little treat.

Anyone have any drawn butter?

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