Monday, March 22, 2010

It Can Be Fixed

We will need a 2/3rds majority in order to overturn this massive takeover of America's economy.

Chris Stirewalt - Either learn to love Obamacare, or sue to stop it
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the bill passed Sunday night the “reform the American people want.”
Like the president, she assumes that the only reason people reject liberal policies is because fear and ignorance produce bitter resistance to change. What Pelosi meant was: “This is the reform that Americans would want if only they knew better.”

Michael Barone - Health plan means bigger deficits and higher taxes The result is a highly unpopular piece of legislation that has gotten worse with each iteration, driving down the president's approval ratings and threatening an electoral disaster for members of his party next fall. The bill, if it passes, will threaten the economic recovery and make our long-term fiscal problems even harder to solve.

Susan Ferrechio - Senate may struggle to meet House demands
Now that the health care bill has passed the House, Democrats will attempt to make critical changes to the measure through a corrections bill that the Senate will take up as early as Tuesday.

Mark Tapscott - Support surges for Stupak's re-election opponent after abortion funding deal with White House
Looks like Rep. Bart Stupak is already seeing the pushback from constituents to his decision to back Obamacare because President Obama promised to issue a meaningless Executive Order concerning federal funding of abortion.

Michael Barone - The Stupak five seem to make the difference
Did the Democratic leadership need the vote of Bart Stupak and several other anti-abortion Democrats to pass the Senate health care bill? The vote on the rule to consider the legislation suggests they did. The rule carried 224-208.

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