Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Going After the EPA

Boehner, Barton Introduce Proposal To Halt EPA Ruling on CO2

Resolution of disapproval would prevent back door attempt at national energy tax

WASHINGTON – Republican leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, and 84 other Republicans today introduced H.J. Res. 77, a resolution of disapproval on the Environmental Protection Agency’s move to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

They said that under the endangerment finding – and the regulatory and legal red tape that flow from this expansion of government into our economic lives – the pace of U.S. economic growth will be stifled by the EPA and its controversial enforcement of environmental laws. American business owners and workers, they noted, want a clear and quick path to a robust, growing economy, not a thicket of new job-destroying regulations.

“The endangerment finding that EPA put out last year is fatally flawed,” said Barton, ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “We want to send a very clear signal that what the EPA has done is wrong and it should be overturned by the elected members of the House and the Senate.”

In time, the new permitting and pollution control rules would potentially slam millions of very small sources of GHG emissions – office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, churches, farms and other small businesses. EPA admits that, without regulatory action, the rules flowing from the endangerment finding would subject millions of entities to new permitting requirements, would cost hundreds of billions of dollars just to do the paperwork and processing, be administratively impossible, and do little to protect the environment. This resolution clears away this barrier to job creation.

EPA recently wrote to Barton confirming that it has not fully assessed the costs of impacts on jobs or employment of moving forward with greenhouse gas rules. The agency also confirmed that it has no evaluations prepared of possible job loss or shifts in employment that may occur because of the new or future rules.

While recognizing the total costs are unknown, EPA declined to provide assurances that the endangerment regulations would not cause major job losses.

A copy of the resolution can be found here.

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