Monday, March 15, 2010

Editorials from the DCExaminer


Yikes! Runaway Toyotas and the 'journalism of verification.'

Examiner Editorial
"In today's hyper-competitive news climate, reporters sometimes revert to a yellow journalism standard -- "Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story""/a>

Enviros play dirty on coal, natural gas

Examiner Editorial (Sunday)
"What they don't want to talk about is the fact that there's no way those [alternative] sources are going to replace coal-fired power production by 2030."

Renumerate the parents, don't terminate the teachers

Gregory Kane, Examiner Columnist
"If students aren't being educated at CFHS, then simply cut the parents of those students a check for whatever is the per-pupil expenditure in the state of Rhode Island."

If the Democrats break it, they own it

Hugh Hewitt, Examiner Columnist
"If Obamacare passes this week, every American will rightly blame every problem they have with American medicine in the future on the Democrats."

Democratic party is broken, not Congress

Mark Hemingway, Examiner Columnist
"It's the Democratic party that is broken, and it takes a great deal of hubris to confuse that with the problems of Congress."

Just say no to Obamacare

Star Parker, Examiner Columnist
"Obama and his colleagues on Capitol Hill perceive a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to grasp the holy grail of the Left and realize the dream of transforming America into a European-style welfare state."

Back to the border battles

James Jay Carafano, Examiner Columnist
"Border violence has not been much in the news of late. That will change in a New York minute when the administration reintroduces an "amnesty" bill to grant permanent status to the millions living in the United States unlawfully."

No politics at the Oscars, please

Bill O'Reilly, Examiner Columnist
"Mass-market entertainers simply cannot survive by alienating much of the country. Polls show that 40 percent of Americans currently identify themselves as conservative."

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