Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Economic Justice

The term is thrown around as a talking point of the left to justify their massive takeover of the American economy, as if it were something that can be manufactured with a word processor and good thoughts.

Economic justice is available to everyone who lives in America. As a matter of fact, America is the only country in existence which provides the vehicle for all Americans to achieve economic justice. Its called the free-market system, or capitalism.

What is economic justice? Economic justice is when you punch a clock for ten years, putting up with anal retentive managers and then buy the company and fire the managers.

Economic justice is acheived when you put 30 years in service, retire, buy a motorhome and tour the country. Economic justice is putting your kids through college; help them get a degree in whatever field they choose and having your chldren return the favor by taking care of you when you need it.

In other words, economic justice is personal responsibility and initiative applied to financial decisions.

It can't be regulated, legislated or forced. It can't be given to one without taking it from someone else. It must be earned.

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