Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Doctor Zero explains the 2nd Amendment

To Keep and Bear Arms

He starts it off with a bang:
Twenty-five years ago, a little after sunrise on a Monday morning, the front door of my house was kicked in by a man who had blown his mind with crack cocaine. He marched my family upstairs at gunpoint. When I reached the top of the stairs and turned around, he put the gun in my forehead and pulled the trigger.
Eloquent and forthright, he illustrates the simplicity of the Founders:
The Second Amendment is a concrete expression of the American birthright of independence. With the right of self-defense bargained away, our rights to speak and vote give us modest influence in a collective. The Founders wanted more, and better, for us.
and knocks down straw men:
Sometimes liberals sneer at the idea we might keep arms against government tyranny, because a bunch of pistol-packing Tea Party types have no chance of repeating the success of the Revolution against a modern military force. This completely misses the point. A disarmed populace has little choice but to obey orders.

Go read the whole thing. And the rest of his stuff. Outstanding!

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