Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Citizen/Soldier Speaks

Subject: Healthcare the 2700 page unconstitutional law of 2010
Dear Sir,
I address this letter to Senator Richard Burr, Senator John McCain, Senator Kay Hagan, & Congressman Michael McIntyre.

I find it disturbing that our representation in Washington DC even considers healthcare a constitutional right. Nowhere is there any such stipulation. I for one should know since I defended the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. In fact our wonderful Congress in 1996 decided to break its promise on military healthcare for retirees by forcing us to pay cost sharing when we paid it with our blood and sacrifice for over 20 years. The fact is democrats have never cared about military healthcare and this year is no exception. They instead spend all of their time and the taxpayer’s money recreating Medicare and disguise it as a new program without the means to pay for it. Meanwhile, Tricare is the epitome of healthcare rationing and denial of coverage for numerous claims at the expense of those who served.

Lately, I understand there is such a lack of moral courage and intestinal fortitude that we would resort to the “slaughter method” procedure. In this way there is no accountability or direct vote. I have one word for this in military vocabulary. Cowards, that is what you are if you subscribe to this procedure. In the military they believe that cowards should be “shot or hung”. Maybe if Congress had those standards they as a group would never dream of such nonsense as the methods discussed on national cable network news.

Has it occurred to Congress that the people will stand up to this tyranny and put an end either peacefully or not to all enemies domestic. Making the entire country pay for 22 million uninsured is generational theft. Stealing is a crime. Taxation without representation is unconstitutional. I believe in all my heart a huge movement is coming in November. A movement so severe that no politician will ever see it coming. You see we the people are tired of being ignored. Taking advantage of those who work with our busy schedules by sliding this bill under our noses with fuzzy math and hidden tax increases as far as the eye can see will wake up a sleeping giant. The Japanese made this mistake in WWII and they got nuked. It is time for the political nukes to be unleashed. Any incumbent who did not stand up and fight with all their might will be held to account. Why you ask? Because chapter 11 bankruptcy for America is coming! China is pulling out their money in the treasury as a message. The lies from the CBO with their fuzzy math does not fool the people.

Repackaging Medicare and Medicaid version 2 is like putting lipstick on a pig. The bill is still a pig filled with pork of all kinds. A special sausage making that could only come from the top. The irony of the entire bill is the provisions for union medical Cadillac plans. Irony because this is the same Congress who cancelled the F22 and laid off 181,000 union workers of the IAM. I wonder how much the unemployment and lost tax revenue that cost all of the states and US treasury by that brilliant decision. The 63 billion lost in research and development to go with it. The fact that the IAM was willing to cut wages to make the plane cheaper than 350 million each. Hmmm, the same fuzzy math that led us to spend another 17 billion on unemployment benefits without paying as we go. It’s no wonder that we never did what FDR had done in WWII. Has the word war bonds come to mind? But instead like the Dod we run the budget like Enron with little or no accountability. I called the IAM since I am the son of a former union boss who was a conservative Democrat. I asked them to come to Washington with their unemployed aerospace workers and picket the white house. After all it was the leadership who said the plane was a waste of money. My friend freedom isn’t free and the F15 is 35 years old. Our enemies are laughing as they build T50 aircraft while we drawdown our airforce in the middle of a war. When our country is bombed due to lack of air superiority how much will that cost? 9/11 was 85 billion for just 2 twin towers not including the human life. 187 planes does not an air force make. So instead we spend 2 trillion for another unfunded liability.

You might say I am on a tangent but then again after 14 months of listening on the airwaves to Congress talk about this bill you can take the time to listen to a veteran even if he doesn’t ask for 8 minutes of your time like I heard the general was denied today. It’s no wonder the military has a bad taste in their mouth from politicians.

Mitt Romney had it right when he said the states should decide this issue of healthcare. He used the free market instead of the government to pay for it. There were no free rides. My suggestion is to look at models that have succeeded in several states and let them do it themselves. The federal government should focus on regulatory issues instead that cost little or nothing that can be agreed upon inside 30 days. Issues like pre existing conditions when someone was unemployed changing jobs. Issues like buying across state lines. A pool for small businesses to draw from so they can have lower rates like big companies do. Tax incentives for small business to have benefits.

It is not too late to end this 14 month boondoggle of a bill with 2700 pages of waste. The people want you to act on the exact issues I just stated. They do not want a 2 trillion liability. Wake up and smell the coffee please. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone but after 14 months of this I feel violated. As for Medicare you can raise the tax rate to make it sustainable and hire private industry to investigate the fraud, waste and abuse which will only increase if this current healthcare bill is passed. Honestly, you don’t think we haven’t figured all this out by now?

I have 5 children all of voting age and I can assure you that any politician who votes yes for this bill along with me and my wife will ensure they never set foot in office again. You will be voted into the soup line where you belong. If you’re mad after reading this letter then I have succeeded in making you look into the mirror. If you voted against this fiasco then regardless of party you know that we the normal Americans who pay taxes and are not rich are fed up with business as usual. Massachusetts figured it out. New jersey figured out. Virginia as well. Maybe after this you can figure out the math. There is no escape and “deeming a bill passed” is political suicide plain and simple. It’s your decision and yours and yours alone. My only question is why did it take a career military NCO to wake you up? I encourage you to pass this onto your friends so they see how the people really think and what the outcome will be as a direct result of your current decision making paradigm.
Earl M. C**** Sr. SFC US Army (retired)

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