Saturday, March 13, 2010

9/12 Project Needs Fumigating

Posted on a discussion forum of the 9-12 Project:
Please think for yourself..Don't just make your opinion off of what Glenn Beck tells you...Adam Kokesh is a veteran, patriot, and would serve Arizona well...

If you cannot see that Glenn Beck is leading you away from the truth by trying to line you up like sheep and march you back into the REPUBLICAN party then I can't help you...

The majority of the REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE ALL NEOCONS AND RINOS with the exception of Ron guys now think Republicans mean bigger government, pro war, pro federal reserve, and anti-freedom

Glenn Beck has got you fooled...
I dare any of you to go to
google 9/11 American Coup
google Endgame
google Terrorstorm
you have got to educate yourself...all you see is the R... you don't actually study the issues..

Just so you know, he left out the Lyndon LaRouche group. I don't know why. And he uses the handle "Patrick Henry" when he comments. Thats enough right there to make me want to bitch slap the taste out of this asshat's mouth. The fact he's stupid about which state Kokesh is running in is enough to dismiss him out of hand.

So, on a site which owes its very existence to the ideas of Glenn Beck, we have people telling us that Glenn Beck has us fooled, we're all stupid neo-cons and OMFG, we're pro-war.

Thank you, thank you, for setting me straight. I had no idea how stupid I was until you reached down and pulled me from the depths of my ignorance.

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