Monday, March 01, 2010

3rd District Repubican Candidate Issues Statement On WBC

Coby W. Dillard Denounces Westboro Ba'athist Church during Protests in Hampton Roads and Richmond

Coby Dillard for Congress

Norfolk, VA—Congressional candidate Coby Dillard made the following statement regarding scheduled protests by Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) in Hampton Roads and Richmond this week:

“Individuals and organizations that invoke the name of God for their own divisive purposes are neither servants of God nor the people they purport to lead. WBC and its founder, Fred Phelps, have a long history of despicable and disrespectful actions toward fallen service members, Jews, and homosexuals.

“All religions, in their own way, offer a message of love and respect for believers and non-believers alike. They are lessons in the redemption of the human spirit, and not meant to be used as tools of hatred and coercion.

“While the First Amendment guarantees WBC’s right to defile the Christian religion for publicity, it also guarantees the right of others to condemn them. I offer my strongest possible condemnation of WBC, as well as its founder, members and supporters. I encourage all elected officials and candidates in Hampton Roads and Richmond, as well as their constituents, to do the same.”
A principled urban conservative, Coby W. Dillard is running for the Republican nomination to represent the people of Virginia’s 3rd congressional district. For more information, please visit

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