Thursday, February 04, 2010

Will the Republican Party of Virginia read the writing on the wall?

The Republican party STILL does not seem to get it.

The members of the TEA Party movement are fed up with business as usual and are willing to lose elections in order to get the candidates to act as they promise. Because Democrats are unlikely to be "small government" policies, this means that the GOP tends to have the most appropriate candidates. However, should a conservative Democrat appear, don't be surprised if THEY get the support.

The GOP persists in believing that the conservatives and TEA Partiers will vote for them sight unseen. They distance themselves from the grassroots. GOP politicians, especially in Virginia, seem to think that there should be some kind of "chain of succession." It's their turn so they should be the candidate....they paid their dues......
But the fear among the tea partiers is that the Republican establishment still doesn't get it. It has the instincts of any establishment: it is afraid of any competing base of power that is too cantankerously independent and unpredictable. I get the sense that many of them view the tea parties as loose cannons, as interlopers who are interfering in the normal process of political succession within the party. They don't realize that this is a year in which an endorsement from the party establishment doesn't work for you—it works against you.
Well, there's a new game in town. And the Tea Party, while NOT wanting to go "third party" is demanding more accountability of politicians. The race in VA-5 is a perfect example.

Hopefully, the GOP will get its collective act together. While it may not present the perfect candidates to the TEA Party movement, can it learn to, at least, not fight with them?

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