Thursday, February 25, 2010

WaPo Is Reporting That VA Governor Will Endorse McCain

John McCain is a hero. He served his country honorably and paid a heavy price. He continued to serve after returning to the world.

However, it is time for Senator McCain to start enjoying his retirement and status as an elder statesman.

Before anyone starts down the "Palin, Thompson, Romney did it too" argument: They shouldn't have, but they all felt an obligation to Senator McCain. Governor McDonnell owes no debt of gratitude nor is he obligated in any way to endorse anyone.

Governor McDonnell, with all due respect Sir, if the reports of your decision to endorse John McCain are correct, it really isn't a good idea. Stay neutral. J.D. Hayworth has 76% of the grassroots support in Arizona. It was people like that who elected you.

John McCain is a progressive. He supports open borders. He sponsored the McCain-Feingold bill, parts of which were determined to be unconstitutional on 1st Amendment grounds.

Others have commented on this issue and the majority is not happy:

I wish the governor would just stay out of it. Such endorsements do not endear the governor to many, especially for a RINO on too many issues.
J. D. Hayworth is better qualified for the job, and more in tune with responsible, common-sense (conservative) lawmaking.

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