Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Virginian's Response To Mr Cantor

From VA Freeper Iceskater posted on the Virginia forum:

Eric Cantor’s post on social media re: HCR “We have a very difficult gap to bridge here. Our country just can’t afford this. That’s the ultimate problem.”

I just can’t take it anymore! Here’s my response....
“No, with all due respect, not being able to afford HCR is not the ultimate problem. The ultimate problem is that IT IS NOT GOVERNMENT’S ROLE TO TAKE CARE OF US FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE!!! The fact that we can’t afford it ought to give you a clue that it isn’t constitutional!

How about all ya’ll take a walk across the street and go read the Constitution? It’s right there in the National Archives.

It’s a little dusty from lack of use but I swear it’s there! How about we use that as the guiding principle and not whether we can afford it???”

Thanks Iceskater. Well said.

Don't forget that Cantors Advisory Council Meeting is coming up in March. We gave him an earful last year. Lets make sure he knows we're still here, and we still believe in the Founding Principals.

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