Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pirates In Virginia?

Who Is Smuggling Somali Aliens Into the U.S. – And Why?
Michael Cutler

I was recently sent an alarming article entitled “Va. man accused of helping smuggle Somalis into U.S.” It details how a 35-year-old man, Anthony Joseph Tracy, facilitated the illegal entry of some 270 aliens who are citizens of Somalia. Somalia is a country that has become associated with terrorist activities, including piracy on the high seas. In the jargon of our government, Somalia is a country of "Special Interest" because of its established relationship with terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda and Al-Shabaab.

According to the report, some of the 270 Somali nationals who were aided in entering our country by Mr. Tracy have fanned out across our nation and are now believed to be hiding in plain sight in a variety of states including New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota and Arizona.

Our nation's very survival is being threatened by transnational criminal organizations and international terrorist groups. In order to attack our nation, the terrorists need to be able to enter our country and then embed themselves in communities around the United States while they wait their call to action.

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