Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Message From Our Friends At Tertium Quids

After indicating all session that he supported the elimination of the corporate income tax, Speaker Howell yesterday, with only 24-hours to go before crossover, said that HB 119 was not being brought up for a vote because he “was waiting for a signal [of support] from the Governor’s office.” Of course, that matter could have been resolved at any time during the first six weeks of this year. The fact that it was not indicates that Howell was never truly on board to begin with.

After watching the Speaker’s ineffectual “leadership” since the day he rose to that position, it would be absurd to assume he has suddenly become more talented based upon an Obama-driven resurgence of Republican fortunes.

The Speaker has been too cute by half and he must understand that in today’s environment of grassroots activism there is a price to be paid for such double-dealing.

The Governor also needs to understand that we are not interested in his Obama-like, and Obama-lite, “Jobs and Opportunity Agenda.” Virginia needs to create jobs and attract business to this commonwealth by maintaining a low-tax, low-regulatory environment for all instead of some of the more touchie-feelie notions being forwarded today like bringing “green jobs” to Virginia or offering tax credits to the motion picture industry. What kind of bribe are Virginia taxpayers going to have to pay so that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, Sen. Louise Lucas, and Del. Ben Cline can have a photo-op with Sissy Spacek?

Please make two phone calls today to the Speaker’s office and to the Governor’s office to express your displeasure with the lack of action on HB 119, the elimination of Virginia’s corporate income tax.

In the current fiscal environment, we expect serious action by serious-minded legislators and Governors. Call early and often. They need to know we’re watching and that we are not amused.

Speaker Bill Howell (804) 698-1028

Governor Bob McDonnell (804) 786-2211, ext. 0 or 6

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