Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its Time For An Executive Order

H/T FreeRepublic and HokieMom

Governor Bob McDonnell should write the EO for offshore exploration and have it published. Let the citizens of the Commonwealth vote on whether it stays or not. Put it up for a statewide vote, instead of letting the Democrat controlled Senate shoot it down.

This is ridiculous. The dumbos in the VA Senate have voted down the Offshore Exploration bill with the same old tired argument they were using 10 years ago.."It will take 10 years to see any benefit."

Well guess what, dumbotwits, if we had started 10 years ago, we'd now be seeing benefits, when we need them the most.

Are these knuckleheads on the OPEC payroll?

Is Arab money being funneled through enviro-nazi groups and into the hands of politicians?

Do they want independence from foreign oil or not? Do they really care about the average Virginia worker? We are the ones who would benefit immediately from the creation of jobs. If they are so stupid they can't see the relationship between energy exploration and job creation, they are to stupid to be serving as representatives of the citizens of this Commonwealth.

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