Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Summit Review

In a nutshell, President Obama attempted to "be above it all" and pretend to be impartial. It's not worth boring our faithful readers with the minutiae of the back and forth between the Republicans and the Democrats.

The Republicans surprised everyone by going on the offense and forcing the Democrats to defend their bills instead of being defensive about the false charge of being the party of "NO."

At the end, President Obama droned on about the ideas in the Democratic bills that are supposedly the same as the Republicans, except, of course, he neglected to state that the Democrats procedures to arrive at those goals differ greatly from the Republicans.

And lastly, Obama's final monologue attempted to portray the GOP as obstructionists that if they would just play nice and negotiate with the liberals over the next few weeks, progress on this important matter would go forth. America can't wait another 50 years. Or 1 year. If he doesn't see cooperation, certain procedures would have to be implemented. Of course, nothing is stopping Congress from passing bills now. Obama only has to convince DEMOCRATS to cooperate. He cannot.

And THAT'S why he had the summit. To suck the GOP into working with him and pass his bills.




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