Monday, February 15, 2010

Democrat Definition of Bipartisanship

Just say yes and give us everything we want.


Bipartisanship is the word of the hour in Washington, and President Obama's teleprompter seems to be stuck on it. This is nothing new for him. The president came to town promising a new bipartisanship, along with openness, transparency, responsibility and a number of other hopes and changes he immediately dumped overboard.

At his impromptu press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Obama said, "Bipartisanship can't be that I agree to all the things that they believe in or want and they agree to none of the things I believe in or want." That, however, has been his working definition of bipartisanship since his first day in office.

This was evident a year ago when the White House labeled the stimulus bill a "bipartisan victory" after it had passed with support from just three Republicans in the Senate and none in the House of Representatives. Opposition to the bill, which included 11 Democratic House dissenters, was more bipartisan than the support. All told, the primary feature of Mr. Obama's definition of bipartisanship is that he gets his way.

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