Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bebe Gets Graded By the Israeli Left

Netanyahu's One-Year Report Card
P. David Hornik - Feb 24, 2010
FrontPage Magazine

"Benjamin Netanyahu, a year into your term, observers seem to agree: You're an impressive survivor, but just a survivor. The government you lead has no vision, no destination. It's not going anywhere."

Thus Ari Shavit, journalist for Israel's left-wing daily Haaretz, to Prime Minister Netanyahu early this week. Netanyahu (who took office, actually, last March 31 and has been prime minister less than a year) naturally responded by denying the charge, saying "My vision is of an Israel that is a world technological superpower, anchored in values, reaching peace from strength…. we are working to jump-start the economy, to augment our security and to strengthen Israel through inculcating basic national values."

Realizing that the charge of "lack of vision" from the Left means mainly "lack of negotiations with the Palestinians and Syria to hand them major Israeli strategic assets," Netanyahu said the Palestinians and Syria were "present[ing] us with extremist preconditions that they did not present to earlier Israeli governments…. The critics expect us to accept the Palestinian and Syrian dictates; they describe the acceptance of those dictates as a vision. I don't see it as a vision."

Seems the left in Israel is just as stupid and dangerous as they are here.

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