Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Isn`t that nice? Did they stop trying to kill us?

Former Mayor Ed Koch is not and never has been a Republican or a Conservative.

If I had to vote for a Democrat, I would vote for him as President just on the basis of this interview. (emphasis theirs)

CAVUTO: And you also mentioned about the message we`re sending the world when we try to step back from calling this for what it is-

KOCH: Right.

CAVUTO: -a war. Now, the administration`s tried to avoid that to have better relations and to reach out-

KOCH: Has it helped?

CAVUTO: -to those 1.4 billion Muslims.

KOCH: Has it helped?

CAVUTO: Well, his approval and America`s regard has gone up in those countries. He says and they say-

KOCH: Isn`t that nice? Did they stop trying to kill us?

CAVUTO: So you say, just, he`s wasting his time doing that?

KOCH: I am saying speak the truth. And there are no other people who are out there trying to kill us, other than Muslim fanatics. There`s nothing illegal, immoral to say that is the case. And you can also say the vast majority of Muslims are decent, law-abiding people. But that doesn`t mean we shouldn`t pat down specially if there are Muslims in line and we know that to be the case, boarding a plane. I don`t see anything wrong with profiling. What, are we crazy?

h/t View From the Right

60 Minutes interview: Koch was being interviewed as mayor. I don't remember the subject, but, he was asked about the idea that "isn't it better to 'turn the other cheek' in response to attacks?"

His reply, "Why? I'm not Christian."

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