Monday, January 11, 2010

Hillbuzz Gives Good Advice and Intel

I had respect for the guys over at Hillbuzz after they issued that stunning apology to W and Cheney. This post just increases that respect. Words of wisdom and warning from folks who have played the game. BTW I love the "Dr Utopia"

An Open Letter to Scott Brown Supporters Regarding Eeyorism and Concern Trolls

To Scott Brown and all his supporters,

We are writing to you as moderate Democrats who fought for Hillary Clinton all through 2007-2008, then became Democrats for McCain/Palin and remain supporters of former Govenor Palin now. This means that for almost three years now, we have been on the receiving end of everything the Left has dreamed up to throw at us.

Dr. Utopia, our current president, and his supporters are truly the most vile and malicious people we’ve ever been up against. In the primaries, in particular, their viciousness, hatred, and stop-at-nothing/ends-justify-means attitude was sobering. We learned many lessons in the trenches we won’t soon forget — and need to pass on to you now.

For the next ten days, the most effective thing the Left will do is to demoralize Scott Brown’s supporters to convince them to sit their butts home on election day. It is a time-proven and successful tactic of the Left. Frankly, it’s the best tool in their arsenal.

We call this Eeyore-breeding and concern-trolling.

More after the jump. I urge you to go read it.

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