Friday, January 01, 2010

Hey Hey Ho Ho Napalitano Has To Go

While GWB was President, the left screamed and railed against what they perceived as the threat of a Christianity based theocracy being established, depsite the 1st Amendment provision prohibiting the establishment of any religion by the government.

They had squat to say about the threat of sharia law, except they were prepared to allow islam a foothold in America. Hypocrites? Mis-guided? Stupid? or traitors?

Elementary jihadism
Frank J Gaffney, Jr.
Homeland insecurity: More luck than confidence

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In truth, for a lot of Americans, Ms. Napolitano has not had much credibility since she tried to ban "terrorism" from the official lexicon of her department. But arguably the most serious indication that she is wholly ill-equipped to carry out her present responsibilities can be found in another - as yet uncorrected - statement she made Sunday. She told CNN's "State of the Union" that, "Right now, we have no indication [that Abdulmutallab's actions were] part of anything larger."

Not "part of anything larger"? Is she serious? Does she take us for fools?

Read my lips, Ms. Napolitano: Mr. Abdulmutallab's actions were absolutely, positively part of something larger. What they were part of is the comprehensive theo-political-legal program that authoritative Islam calls Shariah.

This supremacist program requires its adherents to engage in jihad, or holy war, to bring about the triumph of Islam under a global theocracy, one that will impose Shariah on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Pursuant to Shariah, jihad should - wherever practicable - be pursued through the terrifying use of violence. Where violent jihad is impractical or would be counterproductive, Shariah directs faithful Muslims to use other means to advance the same goal. Koran expert Robert Spencer calls the latter "stealth jihad."

The question must be asked: Are we seeing a dramatic increase in violent jihadism in America - National Public Radio reported on Saturday that there had been 14 attempts in 2009 (compared with two or three in recent years) and that they had been increasingly "operational" in character, not just "aspirational" - because violence is now seen to be practicable here?

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