Monday, January 04, 2010

DCExaminer Morrning Email Blast


Obama is moving America right

Examiner Editorial
"Only a fourth of all Americans approve of the direction Obama and Congress are taking the country, according to a Gallup survey. A similarly dismal proportion approve of the job being done by Congress under the leadership of Reid and Pelosi."

The GOP case for big change in Washington in November.

Hugh Hewitt, Examiner Columnist
"The withering of our defenses was on display on Christmas Day, and Obama's months of dithering on Afghanistan following months of apologies and bows abroad telegraph the need for a robust congressional check on the president's deeply ingrained instinct for appeasement."

Why 2010 could be a tough year for U.S. in the war on terrorism

James Carafano, Examiner Columnist
"The new year marks the end of the first decade of the long war. If the last 12 months are any measure, it seems as if Washington is again forgetting to take bin Laden's words seriously."

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