Friday, January 22, 2010

Corporations:Creations of the State, Book Banning, and Other Stupid Things

The NY Times says corporations are creations of the state and not entitled to certain 1st Amendment rights when their free speech addresses issues or politics.

Justice Department lawyers stood in the Supreme Court and said, out loud,
that the government has the right to ban a book if it contains even one reference to a candidate for elected office, no matter the context.

The Banking Queen, Bwaney Fwank, did his best rightously indignate impersonation of Gobbels and said democracy is now being ruled by greedy, evil corporations. Now he wants to bypass the Constitution and impose restrictions by using corporate law. He says that would take care of that pesky 1st Amendment.

Charles "Chuckie-boy" Schumer says it's a sad day for democracy.

Do these statements strike anyone else as slightly fascist or is it just me?

Thank goodness a majority of the SCOTUS thinks this mindset is just mildly anti-American and granted corporations the right to spend lawfully obtained funds to promote an issue or become an issues advocate.

We the have the right as private citizens, at least for now, to agree or disagree with these corporations, when we purchase or refuse to purchase, goods or services.

Thats called a free market.

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