Saturday, January 09, 2010

$4,000? I'd Have Asked for Full Tuition to Hillsdale College

I guess the ACLU does a little good sometimes

Student settles case over 'NOBAMA' shirt
Will be paid $4,000 by school officials who detained him

A Colorado student detained for wearing a "NOBAMA" slogan taped to his shirt as Michelle Obama prepared to speak at his public school during the 2008 presidential campaign is getting a $4,000 settlement from officials.

According to the Denver Post, Blake Benson reached agreement to settle the dispute and avoid a lawsuit against the Jefferson County sheriff's department and the Jefferson County school district.

Benson, a student at Dakota Ridge High, wore the slogan Nov. 3, 2008, as other students were lining up to enter the gym to hear the first lady speak.
He chose to "stay and campaign" for Sen. John McCain at the school, according to a news release from the ACLU.

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