Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Washinton Examiner Morning Email Blast

When Zero gives General McChrystal what he needs, Zero is simply performing his duty as CiC and that should be acknowledged; but make no mistake, Zero is out of his league. He is lost, he is dangerous and the greedy dhimmis running him are trying to use it to their advantage.

Washington Examiner Political Digest
Byron York - Obama keeps his Afghan promise, but Dems crumble
At West Point tonight, when Barack Obama formally announces he is sending tens of thousands more American troops to Afghanistan, he'll be doing so against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of the Democratic Party. Sending more troops will fulfill a key Obama campaign pledge, but it will also expose a deep rift in the party — and highlight its habit of dissembling on the war.

Michael O'Hanlon - Four reasons for 40,000 more troops
President Obama has apparently made his difficult decision about the idea of adding four combat brigades and a total of up to 40,000 more American troops to the mission in Afghanistan. Obama has already added about 30,000 troops this year, bringing the U.S. total close to 68,000 and the overall NATO/foreign presence to about 105,000. The corruption in the Karzai government complicates the decision. But there are four main reasons why on balance the president is right to support Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal if, as expected, he promises to provide almost all those added forces when he addresses the nation tonight.

Susan Ferrechio - Dems call for quick passage of health plan, but voters resist
The Senate began debate on an $848 billion bill to overhaul health care in America, with Democrats declaring the nation cannot wait for reform even as poll numbers signal strong opposition to the plan.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the chamber would work through every weekend this month to get the bill completed, a task that will involve debating hundreds of amendments that will likely bring significant changes to the legislation before it is ready for a final vote.

Mark Hemingway - Is a lawsuit finally forcing transparency at the Department of Labor?
IAfter stonewalling several attempts at transparency, a lawsuit and a some much-deserved public shaming may finally be spurring the Department of Labor to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests. Last week, I noted that the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation had filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court because the Department of Labor had been totally unresponsive to their FOIA attempts to get information about any legal and financial relationships, as well as communications Obama administration labor appointees might have had with union groups. Following that post, a well-placed source just passed on this email:

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