Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Morning Must Reads from DCExaminer

Washington Post -- Obama lists financial rescue as 'most important thing' of his first year

New York Times -- Plan to Move Guantánamo Detainees Faces a New Delay
Greg Craig has been booted and the Governor of Illinois is all fired up about the economic development potential of housing al Qaeda members in his state, so the whole “close Guantanamo” thing is back on track, right.

Not so much.

Wall Street Journal -- Businesses Brace for Health Bill's Costs
Companies are trying to extract some concessions in the final mash up of President Obama’s health plan and an army of lawyers and accountants are studying the plans so far to make the right plays once the legislation passes: which benefits they can cut, which benefits they must add, whether to start firing workers.

New York Times -- Thousands May Incorrectly Be Using Stimulus Tax Breaks
The problem with targeted tax incentives is that just as the government hopes to elicit very specific responses, fraudsters are given very specific targets.Writer Lynnley Browning tells us that the first-tie homebuyers tax continues to be a font of fraud and error, with half-a-billion dollars being siphoned off by those who haven’t met the criteria.Browning explains how a big part of the problem are the blizzard of phony tax identification numbers, a hot commodity in the illegal immigrant community.

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