Sunday, December 06, 2009

Funny Stuff!!!

H/T FreeRepublic:
As for the president, Palin joked that she was looking at a magazine cover of Obama and Chinese president Hu Jinato during an airplane flight. A nearby passenger stated, “Hu’s the Communist,” she related.
And, Palin said, “I thought he was asking a question.”

Palin said if GOP ticket had won last year, she would be veep and Biden would be “selling his book, Going Rogaine.”
Palin tells gridiron she loves her hotel room in DC: “I could see the russian embassy”
Palin takes a shot at steve schmidt, “if I ever need a bald campaign mgr,it appears all I am left w is james carville.”
Palin joke in speech re book travels : “the view is so much better from inside the bus than under it.”
Palin said she was addressing “leading journalists and intellectuals, or as I put it, a death panel.”
Palin said “sometimes you’ve got to trust your instincts and when you don’t, you end up in places like this “
Palin jokes big announcement: “tomorrow I am going to Iowa ......noon to 3p at barnes & noble “
Palin tells gridiron that in dc “I went out for a jog. Or as newsweek calls it—a photo shoot.”
Palin at gridiron jokes normally dem speaker next but: “McCain campaign staff asked if they could have that time for rebuttal.”
Palin’s parents show up unexpectedly at gridiron. She says, “don’t treat them like the ... Salahis”.
Palin jokes book title debate included “the audacity of the north slope.”

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