Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fool's Errand?!?!?

Democratic war tax proponent Obey calls expected troop surge a 'fool's errand'
By Jim Snyder - 11/29/09 01:19 PM ET

The chief architect of a bill to increase taxes to pay for the Afghanistan war said he didn't believe adding troops would yield much benefit.

"The problem is you can have the best policy in the world but if you don't have the tools to implement it it isn't worth a bean bag,"Rep. David Obey (D-Wisc.), the House Appropriations Committee chairman, told CNN on Sunday.

Well, he probably does believe that, because he has failed to correctly address the mission parameters. Adding more troops will increase the probability of more dead tangos, always a good thing. We shouldn't worry about the internal workings of the Afghan government. We're there to kill islamist extremists. If that is not what you want as an outcome, then yes, he's right, in his own twisted little mind.

Obey said supporting a corrupt Afghan government by adding troops amounted to a "fool's errand." If policymakers believe continuing the war effort in Afghanistan was an important public policy, Obey added, then they should be willing to pay for it by raising taxes on higher income levels. The war would likely cost as much over the next decade as the effort to reforming the healthcare system, Obey said. "If we're being told we have to pay for healthcare we certainly pay for this effort as well," Obey said. Otherwise, Congress would eventually have to raid other parts of the budget targeted at education or the economy to fund the war effort. Using deficit spending to pay for the operations has also removed most Americans from any burden in the war effort. "In this war, we have not had any sense of shared sacrifice," Obey said.

Then you need to step up and show us how to sacrifice for the war effort, Pally, because I see folks every day making sacrifices to support the Global War on Islamist Extremists, Terrorists, and other stupid people who want to destroy Western Civilization.

I want you to be the first one to start making a sacrifice, and I will be right behind you. Take every cent of the current witholding from my paycheck and finance the Global War on Islamist Extremists, Terrorists, and other stupid people who want to destroy Western Civilization. Every cent. Don't use it for anything else. When we're finished; when every twisted little religious fanatic psychotic (who thinks killing innocent women and children is justified as a religious doctrine) has been given his one-way ticket to Paradise and 72 Virgins (whatever), we can figure out how to heal the sick.

We'll have time then. We don't have time now. The only fool I can find is the one spouting off the loudest about everyone else being one.

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