Monday, December 07, 2009

Everyone Who Showed Up Is A Hero

SEALs assault case goes to court

The mother of slain Blackwater guard Jerry Zovko drove from Ohio to give each of the accused SEALs a blessed rosary and lend them her support.

"These young SEALs are in this situation because they caught the mastermind behind the death of my son, and not only my son and his co-workers but also the marines who went into Fallujah after their death," said Donna Zovko. "I am very proud of these young SEALs and thankful to them. They did not do anything wrong."

Early in the morning, before the SEALs' arraignments even began, a crowd of about 100 people formed outside the base to show their support for the accused men. Some of them were from Hampton Roads and some of them drove hundreds of miles to stand by the accused SEALs. And, just about every car that drove past the base honked in support.

"It's made me, and the other two guys, feel very good about the situation. It's helping us get through everyday," said an overwhelmed McCabe. "It makes us feel so much better knowing that we have so many people behind us, I just can't explain how much better I feel because of that."

McCabe's father was among the crowd. "You send these kids into harms way, they don't know if their next step is going to be their last step. They go get one of the most high profile terrorists on the planet and for that they get a court martial," said Marty McCabe.

"Tears my heart out. Last time I read the Constitution it was, 'We the people.' It doesn't cover these clowns, you know these guys who climb out from under rocks and kill women and children."

The citizens who gave up their Monday morning to be in Norfolk in support of these Warriors made a difference. Thank you everyone.

BRAVO ZULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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