Monday, December 07, 2009

End Run To Circumvent Constitutional Requirement

The key word in this article is "toxic". CO2 is going to be placed in the same category as mercury and lead. CO2 is NOT a toxic substance. If it were, plants would be dead. This is an end run by the administration to avoid the required Senate ratification of a treaty. In other words, its a Marxist tactic. Hows that hopey-changey thing working for ya so far?

Wall Street Journal -- Business Fumes Over Carbon Dioxide Rule

With the chance for a global treaty on carbon dioxide looking unlikely and the U.S. Senate not interested in taking up the president’s cap and trade plan, the Obama administration is about to take the next step in regulating greenhouse gasses in the same way they restrict emissions of mercury and other toxic substances.

Writers Jeffrey Ball and Charles Forelle look at the EPA’s move to finalize it’s carbon-dioxide “endangerment” finding today or Tuesday, a move that advances the policy business people see as the worst possible outcome.

“The spokeswoman said that the EPA is confident the basis for its decision will be "very strong," and that when it is published, "we invite the public to review the extensive scientific analysis informing" the decision.

EPA action would give President Barack Obama something to show leaders from other nations when he attends the Copenhagen conference on Dec. 18 and tries to persuade them that the U.S. is serious about cutting its contribution to global greenhouse-gas emissions.”

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