Monday, December 07, 2009

Be Listening Tomorrow at 0800 on WRVA

Elsye Buongiorno, President and Board Member of EaglesUp, (and a damn good friend of mine) will be on with Jimmy Barrett.

The topic will be the court-martial proceedings for the 3 Navy SEALs who apprehended the goat humping scumbag terrorist that brutally murdered 4 civilian contractors in Iraq and how we can help.

If you think this old jarhead is passionate about supporting our Warriors, you aint seen nothing like USMCDaughter. She is a redneck yankee on a mission.

The link for the live stream is on the left side.

United Conservatives, Warrior Legacy Foundation, Gathering of Eagles, and EaglesUp would like to thank WRVA, Jimmy Barrett, Trey Yeatts, Doc Thompson and the Lee Brothers for everything ya'll continue to do for the conservative movement and our troop support efforts in Viriginia.


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