Thursday, December 03, 2009

Another One I Wish I Had Written

In order to survive as a nation of people claiming American values and ethics, we must stop political correctness as a way to temporarily appease those who would kill us in a heartbeat. It’s time we deal in reality and speak honestly and accurately about the facts in each situation. Face it, you cannot prevent someone from getting their feelings hurt when you speak the truth.

If America is to survive…and I pray to God that it does, we must enforce boundaries that define us as Americans. If we don’t enforce American values and just bend the truth to make people feel good…very soon America will become impotent before the world.

I believe that God didn’t make a mistake when he brought together the forefathers of America. These men were tested and from the fire of the American Revolution a new country was born. Today we can perpetuate our America or we can remember it as a distant dream that didn’t last.

I, for one, believe that God did not make America as a mistake. And, from that belief in America, the truth must be spoken as it is in reality. When intimidation or threats confront an American citizen or an American ideal, we must stand together and hold the boundary set by our American forefathers. In truth words mean very little. How we act reveals what we really believe.

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