Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Support Ole Ironsides Sign the Petition

Even more inspiring is Maggie's report from the christening of the USS New York, which she personally attended. Maggie is a very dedicated, driven Navy supporter, but she does love her Marines as well.

My very good friend and drinking buddy, BostonMaggie, sent this out tonight.
We've got a little bit of an uncomfortable situation here in Boston. Some loony couple bought a condo near Old Ironsides and they don't like the noise.

More disruptive ... than you might have imagined’

So, I could yell and scream....and I kinda did in my blog. But I think CDR Cooper would appreciate it if I took the high road. Took me a while to find it....unfamiliar territory, doncha know.

I support Old Ironsides and Daily Colors

It's a petition. If you agree that CDR Cooper should not reduce the size of the battery charge or reduce the volume on the National Anthem.....please sign the petition and pass it along.


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