Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Hammer Is Dropped on Baghdad Bob Gibbs

Baghdad Bob Gibbs, the current Minister of Propaganda, bemoans the use of fascist images, because no one has ever done that before. Its so gauche.

I've seen much worse than Hitler images in the streets over the past 4 years.

February 2006 Washington DC
World Cant Wait

Gibbs: Can You Imagine if, 5 Years Ago, People Had Protested With Hitler Pictures?!?

The Hammer Drops:

Let's help Gibbs out with this in particular:
Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of Hitler.

Let's see if we can imagine that, Bob. Click here, and just keep scrolling.

Or, here. You will be scrolling for a solid five minutes to exhaust the Hitler images employed by the left for eight solid years against Bush, and that's in just two blog posts. They were ubiquitous; far more prevalent that Nazi imagery in the Tea Party movement. Saying what Gibbs said, or repeating it credulously, requires an incredible amount of dishonesty.

Hmm, let's try a search on Flickr, just so we're sure I'm not cherry-picking.

Looking for something more recent? How about Alan Grayson's health-care Holocaust in America crusade, by which Gibbs was markedly less "stunned" despite the fact that Grayson's an elected official making Holocaust comparisons on the floor of the House. Imagine.

Before Gibbs took leave of his senses and all sense of history today, the White House had a more petulant response to the gathering, at which actor Jon Voight spoke. Yesterday, Gibbs very kindly stopped himself from making a "Deliverance" joke about the attendees. Considerate.

I would argue that the White House Press Secretary implying a joke about how protesters are rednecks prone to anal rape would fall into the category of "stunning" and "personally disagreeable," but I digress.

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