Tuesday, November 03, 2009

At Last The Long Awaited Announcement

and yes, I have signed on as a reader, so make it interesting. My normal reading fare is Ludlum, Koontz, King and Clancy.

From my buddy Susan Katz Keating:
Announcing the Uniform EnCounters GC3 Writing Competition
Hey, everyone! As promised: We have a writing competition!

As I wrote in my last post, have I got a deal for you! This blog's sister site, UniformEnCounters, is hosting a fundraiser/writing competition designed to benefit three good causes (GC3): wounded troops; soldier morale; and you, the writer.

Here's what you do.

Contest Rules

1. In 700 words or less, write an essay, story, or poem depicting a servicemember or members of the U.S. Armed Forces or their allies (i.e., Australia, Canada, etc.)

2. The subject matter can be any active duty scenario from World War I through the present.

3. Submit your entry in the body of an email to Uniformencounters@gmail.com. In the subject header, use your last name and a slash for category. Example: Obama/Poetry. If you enter more than once in a category, simply add a number in your header (Obama2/Poetry).

4. Submit a $15 entry fee through the UniformEncounters blogsite.

5. Your entry fees will go toward the purchase of voice-activated laptops for wounded troops, in the form of a donation to a remarkably worthy cause, Project Valour-IT.

6. Winning entries will be selected in each of three categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Winning entrants will receive $50 each, plus publication on the UniformEnCounters site. Runners-up will receive prizes TBD.

7. Entries must be submitted by 8 a.m. EST on 1 December, 2009. Winners will be announced on the UniformEnCounters site on New Year's Day.

Tips and insights: There are no subject rules, but keep in mind that UniformEnCounters exists to raise support for our men and women in uniform. Enter as often as you like, but each entry must be accompanied by its own fee/donation. Fees are processed through PayPal. If you wish to use another method, please email uniformencounters@gmail.com for instructions on how to submit via snail mail.

Thank you in advance to everyone, and in particular to my intrepid squad of reader-volunteers! So now it's time to start writing. GC3 awaits!

The fine print: You retain all rights to your composition/s. By entering the competition, you agree to allow your winning submission to be published on the UniformEnCounters site.

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