Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Are Known By The Company You Allow Yourself To Seen With

and the fact that Deeds would associate with these two dhimmi slimeballs is evidence enough that he is unfit to serve in the office once held by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. I'm sure klintoon has done his share of "bumps".

McAuliffe, Clinton try for another bump for Deeds
By: William C. Flook
Examiner Staff Writer
October 21, 2009

Former President Clinton and one-time gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday tried to reignite the energy of Creigh Deeds' primary win, when Democrats were riding high after the rural state senator's come-from-behind victory in June.

The gubernatorial nomination fight saw Deeds dispatch both McAuliffe and Del. Brian Moran, taking nearly 50 percent of the vote in June. A poll taken directly after the primary was the only one in the governor's race to show Deeds ahead of Republican nominee Bob McDonnell, who is entering the last two weeks of the race with a comfortable lead.

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