Friday, October 02, 2009

What We Have Coming on Healthcare Legislation

Posted on FreedomWorks Grassroots: Florida Group

We have been unsuccessful in stopping the Senate bill in the Finance Committee, and frankly actually accomplishing much except to drive their deliberation under the cover of darkness. Baucus has not produced a written bill, and only a 20+ page description of their intent. The actual bill may take two or more weeks to actually draft.

Nonethless, Reid is going to move forward consolidating the 4 Senate bills into one bill, including the Kennedy version which does contain a Public Option and closely follows the ACORN Driven House Bill HR3200.

Expect Reid to produce a combined bill, looking more like the Kennedy bill than the Baucus bill= by mid next week and to call for a Senate vote on it immediately irespective of the bill not actually being written. He'll try to cobble the votes together in order to get it to conference. We have a major battle looming at this time and we need to get our act together and press every member of Congress to kill the House and Senate Bill. The Blue Dogs are our best hope in teh Hosue and we need to get our grass roots all over these Reps, plus a huge national fax campaign to strengthen their willingness to vote no.

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