Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Warrior Legacy Institute

Warrior Legacy Institute releases layman's guide to Population-Centric Counterinsurgency

There is an important debate underway about what strategy we should pursue in Afghanistan. This decision is important for all Americans, but many don't have a very good understanding of the Population-Centric Counterinsurgency strategy advocated by Gen. McChrystal, the new commander there. The Warrior Legacy Institute had three of it's fellows write an explanation that doesn't require a military background. It is designed for you and anyone you want to share it with. We have not taken a position advocating one strategy over another and we will be releasing a primer on the Counter-Terror option soon as well. We believe that educating the public about the choices will allow them to make informed decisions about what they think is best.

The Warrior Legacy Institute (WLI) is a “people's think tank” designed to take the most important national security issues and explain them in simple language to the American people.

Our first paper is entitled:

A Primer on Population-Centric Counterinsurgency
Clicking link will open the document in pdf format.

What worked in Iraq, and what can work in Afghanistan

It gives a brief history of how the strategy evolved in Iraq and what made it successful in that theater. It also discusses how it could be implemented in Afghanistan and what specific tactics would be used. The paper is designed for those who have an interest in what the strategy actually is, but who do not have a deep knowledge of military affairs. The debate about what our plan for Afghanistan should be is happening now, WLI believes all Americans should have a clear understanding of the specifics of the plan under consideration. The President is looking at several alternatives and this is the one Gen. McChrystal , the commander in Afghanistan, has suggested is the most likely to succeed. The support of the country as a whole is needed for any plan to work and WLI wants to ensure that information is available to facilitate an informed discussion.

The authors collectively have experience in both Iraq and Afghanistan and in conducting counterinsurgency operations in other countries worldwide.

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