Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two From the Weekly Standard

By my all-time favorite conservative Lady, The Hammer.
Funny smart and beautiful.

The MSM Fails Me Once Again With Irresponsible Coverage of Shirtless Obama
(Caution Ladies: Gratuitous Beefcake Ahead)

If there were any objectivity in political journalism, there would be far more (or at least equivalent) coverage of shirtless Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) as there is of the less impressively shirtless President Barack Obama.

As it is, we will have to make do with the Washington Post's story on Flake's cast-away vacation, and the accompanying slideshow. Flake's physique is not destined to be swooned over by tabloid mags and celebrity blogs, or hailed by Chris Matthews as a testament to his supreme discipline. Because only Obama's pecs bespeak such leadership qualities, dontcha know?

The story of his solo island adventure—the fruition of a childhood dream to live the Crusoe life— is a great read. I'm trying to picture Harry Waxman spearing fish for lunch among the black-tip sharks, and I'm coming up empty.

Now, I don't post this picture for ogling. Just like Goldfarb's post about the pageantry of the ChiCom military parade, this is meant as a serious, timely political observation.

I'm just bringing you the truth no one else will. Who you gonna believe? The Washingtonian or your lying eyes?

Photo comparison below the fold:
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Mary Katharine Ham at 03:30 PM

Obama Speaks About Creating Jobs,
CBO Says Cap-and-Trade Will Kill Them

Barack Obama, speaking at a stimulus-sponsored construction project in Fairfax County, Va. today:
"Our goal is not just to rebound from this recession, but to start building an economy that works for all Americans, where everyone who's looking for work can find a job; and not just a temporary job, but a permanent job that lasts from season to season; where our stock market isn't only rising again, but our businesses are hiring again."

CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf speaking to a Senate panel about cap-and-trade legislation today: "The net effect of that we think would likely be some decline in employment during the transition because labor markets don't move that fluidly," Mr. Elmendorf said, testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Obama: "You know, hardworking Americans have borne the brunt of this recession. They've been laid off in historic numbers, they've seen their hours trimmed and their wages cut, they've lived in fear of being the next ones to be let go. And that's not right."

Elmendorf: "The fact that jobs turn up somewhere else for some people does not mean there aren't substantial costs borne by people, communities, firms and affected industries," he said.

Obama: "And we are going to keep on going until we make sure that every single American in this country who's looking for work is going to be able to get the kind of well-paying job that supports their families."

Elmendorf: The CBO estimates that the House-passed climate legislation, a template for the Senate version, would reduce gross domestic product by up to 0.75% by 2020 and 3.5% by 2050.

Mary Katharine Ham at 05:15 PM

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