Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Socialist or Pacifist..Either Way, We're Screwed

This is what happens when America elects a freaking socialist/pacifist as a leader.

Just after proclaiming October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and just before departing for Copenhagen to lobby for his hometown as an Olympics host city, President Obama found the time Thursday to pop by the posh St. Regis Hotel a few blocks from the White House to hobnob with a gathering of Democratic governors and help raise some campaign cash.
But he didn't find time to say a word about the war in Afghanistan and what he plans to do about it. He didn't refer to the deteriorating situation there or take questions from the press corps - which he's done just once in five weeks.
The 125 or so attendees opened with arugula salad mixed with pecans. On golden embroidered tablecloths under giant crystal chandeliers, they proceeded to the baked salmon over risotto, finishing off the meal with small, delicate dessert canapes.
After meeting and greeting the eight governors and VIPs in a private reception, Mr. Obama assured the supportive crowd that the federal government is staying focused on the important issues.

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