Friday, October 09, 2009

Show Us The Bill(s)

They're not fighting it; they don't know how to upload a file to a server. I doubt they can convert a doc to a pdf.

But here's the rub: The Chosen One (may peace and a prize be upon him) has promised, (he promised ya'll) that all bills that come to his desk would be available for the public to read for five (5) days before he signed it. It doesn't mean he won't sign a bill, just that we, the ignorant peasants, will have five (5) dyas to read it.

Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online
By: Susan Ferrechio
Chief Congressional Correspondent
October 6, 2009

As Congress lurches closer to a decision on an enormous overhaul of the American health care system, pressure is mounting on legislative leaders to make the final bill available online for citizens to read before a vote.

Lawmakers were given just hours to examine the $789 billion stimulus plan, sweeping climate-change legislation and a $700 billion bailout package before final votes.

While most Americans normally ignore parliamentary detail, with health care looming, voters are suddenly paying attention. The Senate is expected to vote on a health bill in the weeks to come, representing months of work and stretching to hundreds of pages. And as of now, there is no assurance that members of the public, or even the senators themselves, will be given the chance to read the legislation before a vote.

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