Sunday, October 04, 2009

Review on the State Fair

I have not attended the State Fair in over 6 years. The last time I went, I found it to be crowded, dirty, and the lines were overly long. At night, the lines were disrupted by gangs of thugs cutting in.


It was wonderful. Huge crowd. But it was manageable. The Fair was slated to stay open until 1 am.

The squidette went on all the rides she wanted and had a number of firsts.

She won her first prize at a fair. She named the stuffed puppy "Fairus."

She saw her first rodeo. The teen age girls riding in the pole-bending event were great inspirations. She now wants a horse. (At least, I hear from a horsewoman that we met, that owning a horse delays interests in boys.)

She pet a pig, a sheep, and a steer for the first time. And then, rinse, repeat. If it had four legs and fur (or wool) she wanted to pet it. She saw her first shorn sheep. We brought home some wool.

She made a rope.

And she got to see her very first demolition derby. THAT was a "hit".

Be prepared to WALK. The new site is HUGE. You don't feel crowded at all.

Kudos to the State Police for great traffic control and having a very prominent presence. Even with traffic leaving the park, we got back to the house in a little over an hour, taking the long way down 301 to West End Henrico from Doswell.

And the Fair was very good to military members and even retirees. Discount!
All in all, a nice visit. I'll go again next year. I need to start saving up. $$$$$$$$!


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