Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The "Republican" Candidate Endorsed by Eric Cantor

Would a true conservative American do this? More importantly, why would a Repesentative of a right to work state endorse someone so vehemently pro-union?

Scozzafava calls cops on reporter who asked her about Card Check
By: Mark Tapscott
Editorial Page Editor
10/20/09 6:43 AM EDT

John McCormack is a reporter working for The Weekly Standard.

Dede Scozzafava is the extremely liberal New York Assemblywoman running as a Republican to succeed Rep. John McHugh from the Empire State's 23rd congressional district in the upcoming special election.

Scozzafava was speaking at a GOP dinner Monday evening. McCormack was reporting on Scozzafava's campaign, including her recent pledge to the AFL-CIO to support Big Labor's top legislative objective, the Card Check proposal -
currently stalled in Congress - to abolish the secret ballot in workplace representation elections.

Scozzafava apparently didn't appreciate being asked about her support of Card Check because after she left and McCormack went to his laptop to file a report on the evening's event, the police showed up. What happened next is .... well, here's McCormack's description:"Minutes later a police car drove into the parking lot with its lights flashing. Officer Grolman informed me that she was called because 'there was a little bit of an uncomfortable situation' and then took down my name, date of birth, and address.

"'Maybe we do things a little differently here, but you know, persistence in that area, you scared the candidate a little bit,' Officer Grolman told me. '[Scozzafava] got startled, that's all,' Officer Grolman added. 'It's not like you're in any trouble.'"

In thug politics, this is what they call "delivering a little message." You're not in trouble, this time.

Go here for the rest of McCormack's report on an evening that says everything about why Scozzafava epitomizes the worst symptoms of Republican Disease.

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