Thursday, October 22, 2009

Really Glad She's On Our Side

The Hammer

The Daily Grind

The fall-out from President-mandated pay cuts: "Chaos will be created at these firms as top people leave in droves. Will the administration then order people back to work?"

Uh-oh. Obama suffers worst third-quarter drop in approval since 1953. B-b-b-but, didn't anyone see that awesome speech he gave last night? At Corzine's rally?
Inspiration from the rhetorician in chief: "Your voice can change the world. Your voice can elect Jon Corzine, governor once again of New Jersey."

Reid blames doc-fix fail on Republican-dominated Washington.
Apparently, every time a Democrat policy fails, an angel takes us back to 2004.

"A clearly nervous Reid paced the chamber’s well just prior to the vote and afterward looked to blame the defeat on GOP Senators, arguing it was a result of 'activities and actions by the Republican-dominated Washington.'"

HHS Study: Current health-care reform legislation would raise costs. No word on when HHS will be deemed an "un-American" "fearmonger."

American people: Half of us think our costs will go up even though the president keeps trying to convince us we're being duped by insurance companies.

Marsha Blackburn knows "Net Neutrality" is the first step toward regulating the Internet. "The fairness doctrine for the Internet." It's got a ring to it.

Dems seek cover behind bill to fund the troops in order to raise U.S. debt ceiling to $13 trillion.

Do you think they say the name "Cheney" at the White House the way Jerry Seinfeld says "Newman?"

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