Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Think Before This Is Over, BF Will Wish He Was Still Jumping Out Of Airplanes

Blackfive is off and running.

From Matt's post:
I went to my mailbox a few days after announcing my campaign. A few interesting notes were found. I received well wishes from Gold Star parents, former soldiers, military supporters, and people who are just tired of what's happening with our Republic. I had a donation from a ETT soldier in Afghanistan who wanted me to have his combat pay "to help the fight" since cleaning up Illinois might be tougher than what he has to do(!). I received one donation from an old paratrooper who wrote on the check "Don't let those legs win!" And I ran into a paratrooper from the 101st in Viet Nam on a commuter train platform. He's dying of cancer and wanted to help me before he passes on (btw, he and his wife did a tandem HALO for their 40th anniversary).

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