Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

A sitting President fires the CEO of a private corporation; Congress slaps a 90% tax on earned income and targets 73 specific American citizens; then they order insurance companies to disclose the salaries of mid-level managers, then they forbid a company from paying bonuses to low-level employees.

Who do they think they're dealing with, a bunch of ignorant peasants? Do we bear the slightest resemblance to serfs? Anyone?? When exactly did we enter the fuedal system?

Could someone please show me the section in the Constitution that grants authority to Congress or the Executive Branch to set wage limits on private citizens working for private corporations?

I've looked and looked and I swear I can't find it. It must be there somewhere, because this administration is preparing to do just that, and they certainly wouldn't try this if they weren't allowed, would they? They must be extremely jealous of the corporations in this country. So jealous they would resort to breaking the law to "keep them in their place."

If you continue to allow this unprecedented use of political power against private corporations and private citizens, the next one to be affected could be you.

You've been warned.

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