Friday, October 09, 2009

Actions Speak Louder than Deeds

Deeds is a typical dhimmicrat and will never be governor of the Commonwealth.

As pundits try to predict the backlash for Democrats in 2010, the outcome of Virginia's gubernatorial race may provide the biggest clue. Next month's elections in the Commonwealth are the first in what many are calling a repudiation of the President and his party. As of this week, Republican candidate Bob McDonnell is leading his opponent, Democrat Creigh Deeds, by nine points in the polls. Part of the reason is that Deeds's radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual record doesn't resonate with a largely conservative state.

Today, the Virginia Values Voter PAC, a political action committee connected to FRC Action, weighed in on the race with a new TV ad that asks, "Which is the real Creigh Deeds?" In 2006, Deeds voted for man-woman marriage and, in 1998, he voted for a ban on partial-birth abortion. Now it's 2009 and Deeds has finally decided to tell the truth: he favors same-sex "marriage" and no limits on abortion.


As Connie Mackey, President of the PAC said, "It appears that [Deeds] will do anything for votes except stick by his own." To see the ad--or support it--check out the Virginia Values Voter PAC website.

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