Friday, September 18, 2009

A Nation That Stands Against Israel, Stands Against God

Personal observation: Screw with Israel at your spiritual peril. You will answer to a higher authority because of it. All Christians have a personal stake in the survival of Israel.
You stand with her or you stand with evil.


From Phyllis Chesler:

The fate of Israel is humanity’s fate, not merely Jewish fate. Israel’s destiny represents the destiny of Western civilization and that of civilized humanity everywhere. What happens to Israel will determine whether civilized humanity will—or will not–prevail over the forces of Evil.

We pray that God remember and watch over us. May God show compassion and mercy to all Israel and all civilians. We humbly pray that our good deeds, and those of our ancestors diminish, even cancel out what the scoundrels amongst us have done this past year: foul and mercenary deeds which have endangered us and for which we have all been held liable—not only by Jew-haters but also by God.

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