Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm to be FINED!!!!????

So....let me get this straight.
I'm unemployed, therefore, I have no health insurance.

I'm unemployed, therefore, I'm poor.

I'm going to be fined money that I don't have because I won't spend that same non-existent money on insurance I can't afford. Now, if I do have medical bills, its cash or I have to sell something.

I'm being fined because the gov't says that otherwise THE TAXPAYER has to put out money to save me from whatever medical problems I have. And they shouldn't have to put out that money. Unless, of course, its single-payer....then we all pay for each other. And the same gov't that can't fund Medicare properly is sure to be able to afford EVERYBODY....

At the same time, same taxpayer is being held accountable for untold, unimaginable amounts of gov't debt.

Oh, and I'm still on the taxpayer's dime as I'm a vet and the underfunded VA is my health care provider.

So, do I still get fined? Do all of those other vets that depend upon only the VA for health care?




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